• Leaflet
  • Technical diagram
  • Design
  • Print management


  • Mug design
  • Diagram
  • Thermal design


The client: Sentec

Sentec Ltd is a Cambridge based company established in 1997

Sentec’s business splits into two portions, licensed technologies and consulting.

The brief:

Technical leafelt and promotional item for GridKey

What we did:

Network design were approached by Sentec to look at designing a technical leaflet for a partner product called GridKey.

GridKey is a Low Voltage (LV) substation monitoring system that can be fitted to the feeders of an LV substation without interrupting supply to customers.

We worked closely with the marketing manager to make sure we had the right messages and that the diagram we designed related correctly to the set up of the Gridkey System.

Network Design gave the GridKey product it's own identity using complimentary colours and striking imagery as well as developing their own graphical icons.

Once the leaflet was approved we were asked to look at various ideas for a promotional item. The resulting item was a thermal changing mug, when hot water is added a black mug with white out GridKey logos relieved a contempoary design based on elements from the leaflet's diagram.