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The client: Cambridge Online

  • Provider of value-added information technology solutions and supporting services.

  • Services include computer systems, storage, networks and telecommunications; applications software for financials, logistics, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management for industrial and commercial organisations and Aviation Software. 

  • Leading UK Microsoft Gold solutions partner. 

The brief:

Email campaign

What we did:

Cambridge Online wished to promote a new product offering and its partnering with a leading provider of software for the manufacturing industry. This is a new market for Cambridge Online and the collaboration serves to expand their offering and strengthen their product portfolio.

Network created a powerful email campaign with impact. The design focuses on the product benefits of making business faster, leaner and more agile, offering more control and increased profitability. The campaign achieved its objectives of an impactful marketing piece to increase brand awareness, create interest, encourage click throughs and deliver lead generation for the client.