University of East Anglia

  • Annual report

University of East Anglia

  • Annual report
UEA Annual report UEA Annual Report

The client: UEA

  • The University of East Anglia (UEA) is an internationally renowned university

  • Providing top quality academic, social and cultural facilities to over 15,000 students.

  • Offering nearly 3,000 courses

The brief:

Annual report

What we did:

Having previously produced UEA’s undergraduate prospectus Network was invited to design and produce the University’s annual report. Focus areas for the project were the themes of partnership, collaboration, change and quality.

The design delivered the objectives of building awareness and recognition of UEA’s reputation as a world class centre of excellence, to inform audiences of the University’s successes throughout the year and to raise UEA’s profile internally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Network designed, structured, produced and printed the 28pp report.